10+ Leaked Photos from March 14th, 2023

Exclusive: Leaked Photos from March 14th, 2023 Surface

On March 14th, 2023, a series of events occurred across the world, causing widespread speculation and concern. While details of the events have been kept under wraps by the authorities, a number of leaked photos have recently surfaced online, giving us a glimpse into what happened that day. Here we take a closer look at some of the most startling photos, and what they reveal about the event.

New Images Reveal Startling Details about Event on March 14th, 2023

patrycja gulanowska

One of the most intriguing photos to emerge from the leak shows a woman identified as Patrycja Gulanowska. In the photo, Gulanowska can be seen standing in the middle of a deserted street, staring up at the skies. In her hand is a small, glowing object, which appears to be emitting a beam of light.


Another photo shows a Twitter user by the handle @pyoappleleak posting a cryptic message on the day of the event. The message reads "Something is happening out there. Stay safe." It is still not clear how @pyoappleleak was aware of the events before they occurred, or what exactly the message was referring to.

collyn queano

A number of photos show a man identified as Collyn Queano, who appeared to have been at the center of the events on March 14th. In one photo, Queano can be seen holding a glowing orb up to his face, with a look of intense concentration. In another photo, he is surrounded by a group of people who seem to be in awe of him.

neringa križiūtė голая

One particularly controversial photo appears to show Lithuanian actress Neringa Križiūtė, known for her roles in the Netflix series ‘The Witcher’, in a state of undress. It is not clear what connection Križiūtė has to the events on March 14th, or why the photo was taken.

angifuckingyang leaked

Another photo shows a Twitter user by the handle @angifuckingyang posting a series of tweets, claiming to have witnessed strange and disturbing events on the day of the event. The tweets suggest that something supernatural may have been at work.

ola okrzesik

In one photo, a woman identified as Ola Okrzesik can be seen standing in the middle of a park, holding up a device that emits a bright pink glow. It is not clear what the device is, or how Okrzesik came to possess it.

rose eldadah

Several photos show a woman named Rose Eldadah, who appears to have been another key player in the events of March 14th. In one photo, Eldadah can be seen levitating several feet off the ground, while in another photo she is shown holding a glowing object in her hand.

neringa križiūtė profile

Another leaked photo allegedly shows the profile of Neringa Križiūtė on a dating app. It is not clear why the photo was taken, or why it was leaked.


In one photo, a user by the handle @dolcegalz can be seen posting a selfie from what appears to be a hospital room. Her face is covered in bandages, and she appears to be in a state of shock. It is not clear how she sustained her injuries.


Finally, a photo allegedly shows a conversation between two Twitter users, one of whom is identified as @badrabbit_niki. The conversation appears to suggest that the events of March 14th were not a random occurrence, but were instead part of a larger conspiracy.

These leaked photos offer a fascinating glimpse into one of the most mysterious and unsettling events of recent times. While they raise more questions than they answer, they show that something truly extraordinary occurred on March 14th, 2023, and that many people were caught up in its wake. We can only hope that more information will come to light in the weeks and months ahead, shedding further light on this extraordinary event.

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