Inside the Lives of IG Models: An In-Depth Look at Their Profiles and Biodata

Inside the Lives of IG Models: An In-Depth Look at Their Profiles and Biodata

Instagram has revolutionized the modelling industry, creating a platform for anyone to upload pictures and be noticed. Some of the most beautiful, glamorous and stylish people on the popular app are called IG models, who don’t belong to any model agency but have managed to create a large following that could become the basis of real collaborations with fashion brands. In this article, we take a look at some of the most followed Instagram models and provide an in-depth analysis of their profiles and biodata.


With over 2m followers, 28-year-old IrayaSweet is one of the most followed IG models. Her profile has an attractive pink aesthetic that reflects her private lifestyle. IrayaSweet’s bio lets visitors know she’s a model and includes a link to her Patreon account, where people can pay her to see exclusive content. Her feed mostly includes fashionable clothing pictures, bikini shots and colourful lifestyle images.


Isalopezquien is a 25-year-old model with over 1m followers. Her profile is filled with images of her travelling, modelling, and enjoying her life. Her bio doesn’t contain much, but it does mention her location and the languages she speaks. Her posts include gorgeous and trendy outfits in various urban and natural settings.


A 22-year-old model with over 870k followers, n1nnul11n11 has a profile that’s full of flowery aesthetics, floral dresses and lingerie attire. Her bio contains a famous quote from the movie “Fight Club” in addition to her job, location, age and a symbol for a streaming platform where she can be found.


25-year-old Lola Mamaplugs Mason has over 150k followers and a relatively casual feed with more natural imageries than the other influencers we have discussed so far. Her bio reveals that she is an ultrasound technician and includes her email for business inquiries. She mostly posts pictures of herself looking sexy but without all the studio lights and elaborated make-ups.

meyro ponçik

Meyro Poncik is a 23-year-old influencer with over 410k followers. Her profile has an “in-your-face” vibe filled with pure energy, groundbreaking humor and a unique fashion style. Meyro’s bio is packed with links to her various platforms including Twitter, Twitch and Tiktok where you can find her live and creating content.


@mandykinggx good girl #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – mandyking

Mandykingxx is a 30-year-old Instagram model with over 640k followers. Her profile includes colourful imageries of luxurious travelling, designer clothes and limousine rides. The bio in her profile states that she’s a globally published and featured model and contains hashtags and contact information.

ioana chebaru

19-year-old Ioana Chebaru has over 930k followers and a high fashion profile filled with dark, moody, and artistic images. Her bio highlights her modelling experiences, and she shares that she’s based in LA. Her feed mostly includes black and white pictures, streetwear fashion and bold creative choices that match her strong appearance.


@brookeyboo_x Sir you can’t just scroll past when you’re packing like that #abcxyz #fyppp #spicywebsite #secretaccount #bikini #fypp #ohmyfunkinggod ♬ original sound – 📸

Brookeyboo_x is a 24-year-old model with over 260k followers. Her profile is relaxed and vibrant, filled with images of her lifestyle, traveling adventures and family memories. Her bio mentions that she is a model, and founder of “Bossbabes”, a non-profit organization that helps women entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

מרי פרגלין

Finally, we have Mary Peregalin aka maryprag2, a 23-year-old Russian model who currently resides in Israel. Her profile is full of premium-designed shots and an aesthetically pleasing pastel-tone feed. Her bio includes ‘representation’ information, some emojis, and her working contacts.

In conclusion, despite the criticism from some circles, Instagram modelling has become an exciting and dynamic industry that brings hundreds of opportunities for those who want to try their luck. While some IG models have a clear path laid out for them, others use their online presence as a stepping stone to ambitious ventures. We hope this article provides a glimpse into the lives of these IG models and encourages readers to explore the platform for themselves.

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