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Ricoh GR: Zone Focus to Shoot Bikeriders

Ricoh GR-D IV zone focus. 1/710th sec F/2.2 @ ISO 160. Cropped image It’s not easy shooting moving action with a small point and shoot camera, or any camera that doesn’t have a sophisticated autofocusing system. I’m too lazy to carry around my DSLR because of the burden of weight and space, so what can I do? Easy, I just zone or scale focus. It’s scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually faster than autofocusing. Some of the greatest photographers who used old school Leica rangefinder cameras to shoot action depended on zone-scale focusing. This is how its done… Ricoh GR-D IV zone focus. 1/1410th sec F/1.9 @ ISO 160. Cropped image The first thing you do is figure out the distance you want to shoot from your subject. I find 2.5-5 meters is the best range with a fixed focal length wideangle lens, 28-35mm equiv angle of view. The wider the angle of view, the more background depth of field you will have. This is why its easier to zone focus with a wideangle lens versus