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John Fluevog Shoes

At the airport at YVR on the way to NRT with our John Fluevogs . I know I rarely have self portraits, and even more rare is a picture of my wife……. as per usual, I’m doing Blue Steel…..

Kimono and Dreadlocks?

I’m going to re-post some older pictures since some amazing shots were sort of lost in past postings, as I use to post up to 12 pictures in a single blog entry!! This picture was taken at my youngest brother’s wedding in Osaka a few years back.  Up to that point, between myself and my big brother (I have 3 brothers and a sister), we had taken all family wedding pictures. This was the first wedding we could enjoy without being completely stressed out…. but old habits die hard!! I still brought 3 cameras with me!! This is Miho, my sister-in-law’s cousin. She’s a professional hip-hop dancer, but for the wedding, she decided to go ultra traditional with her kimono…or did she? Look at her dreadlock updo!!  I liked the contrast in styles, or perhaps it’s more of a juxtaposition? The bright red colour of the kimono and the red in her hair-do actually worked really well; as well as the layering of the kimono and the similar layering of her dreadlocks. And perhaps because she’s a dancer by pro