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Vasoline Filter

Old school trick. Take two clear UV filters. Mount one on lens and rub vasoline on it. Take the second filter and sandwich it on top of the first filter. Voila!! A poorman’s hazy filter. If you don’t like the haze pattern, un-sandwich, rub your fingers across the vasoline and create a different pattern, re-sandwich, and new pattern…….. I took these shots a few years ago down by Jericho Beach with the wife……

Refreshing Work at Budweiser

Another old picture. Taken in Hong Kong a few years back…..I know, it looks worse than it is. He was working really hard before I took this shot, and then when I finally decided to take the picture, he took his break…. but it does look a bit like he was sampling the product doesn’t it? Leave him alone. He’s worked hard. Doesn’t he deserve a Bud?