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Ride On in Osaka

I love Osaka since it’s the bike capital of Japan. I was in Osaka in 2008 for my youngest brother’s wedding, and I really enjoyed seeing that cycling was just part of daily life. Me being a daily rider here in Vancouver, it was nice to see my Asian brothers and sisters were also my Asian cycling brothers and sisters……I have awesome bike pictures from Tokyo as well, but I’ll post those some other day……. Even cool guys ride bikes in Osaka….. Although it’s illegal, many double…. in fact, my brother and his wife and their friends even go drinking on bike, everyone doubling each other while they hop from restaurant to bar to bar…. it gets funny at the end of the night when everyone’s had a few…….. As I just mentioned, late night food and drink establishments are often filled with cyclists…. see, no cars in sight….. these are usually local watering holes that most either walk to or bike to…. It’s nothing out of the ordinary to see police on bikes in Japan…… over here, bike cops look less c

Tokyo Trip 2009.... Subject? Food!!

These pictures are from a single 10 day trip to Tokyo in the spring of 2009. I have more pictures, but these give you the overall, general idea of how awesome the food was…… I’ll post pics from my most recent Tokyo trip as well…… food pics I mean…… I’m also thinking of starting up another 30 day project concerning food…. I just don’t know when to start it…… maybe I’ll do it when I’m in Tokyo again in the fall…..

SR Auto Group

I love cars. Unfortunately, I also love photography, music, musical instruments, watches, fashion (especially shoes!!) and books, and bikes and on and on. Because I have so many other interests, I’ve never had all my “play money” in one pot and be able to afford a fancy car. But I do love cars!! My attainable dream car would be a Honda S2K in Honda racing white and red leather seats. A difficult but still attainable dream car would be to import a Honda NSX-R (yes, in Japan the label Acura doesn’t really exist as it was made for the N.American market) in Honda racing white. My over-the-top dream car? Porsche 959 in white…… so nice!! I’m way off topic here……A friend of mine’s friend owns SR Auto Group and as you can see from the link, they have nice cars….. just recently I took my brother (who was visiting from Japan for the holidays) to SR Auto and he got to sit inside a white Lamborghini LP640 Murcielago with a carbon fiber accessory kit. Sweet car. My wife got to sit inside a

Baby Strollers in Full Force in Tokyo

Even just two years ago, you would rarely see baby strollers in busy parts of Tokyo. Maybe at a park or in the suburbs, but never on the Yamanote-sen during rush hour or in the middle of Seibu department store during the week. But in the last two years, I guess it’s become more acceptable and almost trendy to have baby strollers, because now they’re everywhere. In a place as tight and narrow as Japan, this can cause logistical issues, but I’m not to judge. The Japanese will always find a way to make it work…… I took this picture walking along an alley in Roppongi Hills area. I think it was a daycare centre, and all these baby strollers are parked like cars downstairs at the entrance of the garage…. I thought it looked pretty cute. Another iPhone picture…….

John Fluevog Shoes

At the airport at YVR on the way to NRT with our John Fluevogs . I know I rarely have self portraits, and even more rare is a picture of my wife……. as per usual, I’m doing Blue Steel…..

Bernadette Laurent

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Bernadette Laurent

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