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Thembelihle Chamane : Strategies for Increasing Quality Family Time

Thembelihle Chamane darkskinlihle Why Quality Family Time Matters=== Spending quality time with family is important for many reasons. It can create strong bonds, improve communication and understanding, and provide a sense of belonging and support. However, with busy schedules and distractions, finding time for family can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some strategies for increasing quality family time. Set Priorities: Make Family Time a Priority One of the first steps in increasing family time is to establish it as a priority. Make a conscious decision to prioritize family time and communicate this decision to all family members. Identify the time and days of the week that work best for everyone and make it clear that these are devoted family time. Make Time: Block out Time in Your Schedule To ensure that family time happens regularly, it is important to block out time in your schedule. This means scheduling it and treating it as an important appointment that cannot be cancel

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