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Day 5: Norco Bigfoot with Canondale Brake Levers

I’ve been on two wheels for most of my life. I had a paper route all through high school (a real route that meant 6 days a week, 5am in the morning!!), and I rode rain or shine, or snow, or even my graduation. Yes, I had to cut my all-nighter short so I could get home and do my paper route… I know, real cool… I also rode everyday during the summers, even after all my other buddies grew up and got cars. As an adult (okay, I’m going on 38) I ride to work everyday, and I still feel like a kid. It’s as if I never grew up. I still stare at cool cars as they pass by, and I daydream of owning them one day, even though I’m past the age one should have some of these 2 door, 2 seater sports cars. But I think I’m happy being on two wheels, and self propelled. My daily ride, like most daily riders, is a bit ghetto, but it gets me from point A to B. It’s my 1996 Norco Bigfoot, and yes, I’m the original owner. I’ve made modifications over the years, and everytime I put more money into it, I