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Day 00? Shipyards....

Well, I haven’t posted any new pics for a while, only posting lost pictures from my picture a day project. I’ve got some input from others, and I think I’ll do a few mini projects from time to time, and also post pictures when I’ve shot something interesting. I don’t think I’ve actually mentioned this in my blog, but I started this blog to get myself back into creative photography. I wasn’t trying to take prize-winning pictures, and I avoided using my top equipment. In fact, I shot mostly on my cheap work camera… it takes not so good images. Noisy images even at a low iso 80, and then attempts to correct it with noise reduction that smears details. As well, most shots were taken on the go, at work, or commuting to and from work while on bike. I didn’t use a tripod, nor did I spend time pondering over the shot. I see a shot peripherally while riding, stop, take the shot, then back to riding. Gone in 30 seconds!! At home, I edit on a free photo editing program (Photoscape, found