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Day 30: Which House Do You Want?

This may be the last day of my project. I don’t know how long I can keep this up, as fun as it is. I was thinking I would last 60 days, but perhaps 30 is the number. I did my long route home through Stanley Park and DT, knowing I’d find something cool to shoot. This was the last picture of the day for me. I found this uber modern house right next to an almost cliche ghetto-home. Colour isolation emphasizes the isolation of the house from the rest of its surroundings…… Although this may be my last day of my shooting and posting project, I will still post a few more pictures, perhaps the lost pictures… the shots that never made the blog…. I have a mess of cool shots that I mulled over posting or not posting…… Anyway, thanks for viewing. I don’t think I got a single comment , and neither do I know if I actually have a viewing audience. But I had fun, and its got me back into taking pictures. I may eventually go public with this blog, just to see what strangers think………