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Day 28: Sunrise or Sunset?

There is a debate if there is a light quality difference between a sunrise versus a sunset. Some claim they can tell which is which from a picture. Others claim there is no difference, the quality of the light is the same going up or down. I don’t know if there really is a difference, but there is something about a sunset that I like better than a sunrise. Maybe its the idea of it being the end of the day and the sun is the last thing that keeps the day “alive” until it disappears beyond the horizon. Or maybe its because I hate getting up early, so I see much less sunrises. Well, I took today’s pic on the way into work, and I have to say, the light was pretty cool. I like how the factory smoke to the left and the single cloud puff above the train bridge tower sort of contrast each other, and I like the way the light hits the railway tracks to the right of the image… reminds of a Blue Rodeo album cover….. very little post processing. Contrast, sharpen, and slight vignetting..