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Day 22: I Dig Music

Some of the pictures I’ve taken reflect the things I enjoy: bike riding, eating, and obviously photography. Some pictures don’t, like flowers and pets…..However, one of my biggest passions is actually music. If I had to give up all hobbies and only choose a single one, I’d say that music would be it. I love listening to music, I love playing music, I love writing music….. I dig music…… Anyway, finally, a music themed picture has made my blog. I was visiting a newly re-opened cafe near my work, and owner clearly enjoys music as well. She has 3 guitars and a piano in her very small cafe, including guitar plectrums (aka picks) at the bottom of every glass sugar package holders at every table!! I quickly took this picture with very little thought to composition, although it worked out okay I think. You can see the over exposed picture of a guitar to the top left of the picture. What drew me to take this picture was of course the piano, but I love the two Beatles’ song books, which