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Day 21: Drive-By Shooting

Okay, to start off, as they say, don’t try this at home. That is, don’t take pictures while driving. I don’t do it all the time…… okay, I almost never do it, but I’ve seen some pretty spectacular images while driving, and this shot was one of those impossible shots unless driving up high in a van. I was on lower levels in N. Van and I saw this perfect landscape, including a group of crows flying together in a big flock over to the right……I grabbed my camera, which is usually on my hip when I’m working, and I quickly shot off a few shots, with minimal composition. I did shoot in colour, but that’s only because I didn’t have time to switch the camera to b&w mode. It didn’t matter because it was cloudy and gray and pretty much monochromatic anyway……..but the picture works. The glue that holds the image together is the sideview mirror showing what’s behind. I’m happy with this dangerous, accidental, uncomposed, spontaneous shot…… not too much modification, just darkening of the