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Tokyo at Night

Shinjuku Station facing West Shibuya, just up the street from 109… Kitamura Camera to the right! Great used section!! Nissan Showroom in Ginza…. no people in the way at night Just South of Ginza Marunouchi area, near Tokyo Station Still Marunouchi area Same…… Roppongi Hills light show Roppongi Hills Tokyo Station area Shinjuku West government building public observatory…. it’s free!! Who needs Tokyo Tower?!?! I’ve been sick at home for almost a week (well, a work week) and I’ve become sick of being sick, and tired of being tired, and bored of being bored. I thought I’d look back at some old pictures to re-live some of my recent trips. I thought I’d share some night shots of Tokyo. I’ll post something more interesting (people or food, or both), but please enjoy these pics for now…..