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Tokyo Office

This shot is of my wife checking e-mails in our office in my father and stepmother’s apartment in Otsuka, Tokyo. It’s a very old apartment, probably 50-60 years old (at least for Tokyo it’s old). The old building manager said when he first moved in, he could see Mt.Fuji from the rooftop. You can barely look 1 mile away now, with all the tall buildings. Anyway, the apartment takes me back to the old Japan: paper sliding doors, tatami floors, etc. The home office though is somewhat modern-ish with hardwood floors installed. I thought the black and white does justice to this old apartment, but the laptops puts the date in its proper period…….another picture of my wife, although somewhat silhouetted……

Cyclist's Mane Blowing in the Wind!

They say a lion’s mane is an intimidation tool, used to show it’s size and prowess over its competition. This rider’s hair was unique among all others, as most cyclist remove as much hair as possible to reduce weight and wind-drag.  However, Zackary Davis #27 finished 24th overall, the highest placed rider that I took pictures of that day. Perhaps he’s on to something? Maybe the wind blowing through his hair makes him feel faster, thus motivating him to peddle harder? Perhaps it makes him feel lion-like as he chases down the riders in front of him? Whatever the reason, he looked pretty cool in a sea of shaved head riders….Ride On Zach-Attack!!

annalisasamui Annalisa Gatti sexy bikini on the beach

Source:  instagram annalisasamui