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Fuji Track Bike

When I first heard of the existence of track bikes being ridden on the road, I was at first confused. No brakes, no gears, no coasting at all? How is this possible? Then I saw these insane guys in Tokyo, whipping in and out of traffic and pedestrians, and skid stopping with ease. They rode differently, they dressed differently (very cool), a totally different energy….I was hooked. I had to get one…. finally, I got one just over a month ago as a gift from my wife as an anniversary gift (thanks babe!!). She said for me to pick one out, so I picked a modified Fuji Classic track bike by Megadestroyer. I loved how it’s all matte black and very low key. I don’t like my bike too flashy, as it’s only too easy to catch the eye of a bike thief…. I locked it up while I went for a haircut, so I did my usual double lock system as you can see (chain lock and u-lock)…….