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10 Up-and-Coming Social Media Influencers to Watch

Social media influencers have become a huge part of marketing and advertising in the digital age. These individuals have the power to sway customer behavior towards certain products and services through their social media platforms. Here are 10 up-and-coming social media influencers to watch:


With more than 80,000 followers on Instagram, @sacnimeraz is an influencer from Turkey known for her beauty and skincare content. Her posts often feature makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and product reviews. She’s also passionate about mental health and frequently shares her journey with anxiety and depression.

karin orhov

Karin Orhov is a fitness influencer from Israel. With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, she shares workout routines, healthy meal ideas, and motivational messages. Her fitness journey began after struggling with her own weight, and she now inspires her followers to live a healthy lifestyle.

shalva ruso

Shalva Ruso, also known as @shalvaruso on Instagram, is a fashion influencer from Georgia who now lives in New York City. She regularly shares outfit ideas, fashion tips, and travel content. Her style is eclectic, and she enjoys mixing and matching different prints and textures.

eli mshomi

Eli Mshomi is a social media influencer from Israel who shares tech news, reviews and insights on his Twitter account. He has quickly gained a following of over 10,000 followers by sharing insightful analysis on current events related to technology.


@its_bellsy on Instagram is a fashion and lifestyle influencer from Canada. With over 50,000 followers, she shares her love for fashion, makeup, and travel. Her posts showcase her unique style and often include bold colors and prints.

מרי פרגלין

Known as @mary.fargelin on Instagram, this influencer from Israel shares her passion for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. With over 30,000 followers, she regularly posts makeup tutorials, outfit ideas, and travel content. Her posts often feature bright colors and bold prints.


Brooke, aka @brookeyboo_x on Instagram, is a lifestyle and beauty influencer from the UK. Her posts include beauty tutorials, product reviews, and lifestyle content. She has a loyal following of over 40,000 who appreciate her upbeat personality and authenticity.


With over 50,000 followers on Instagram, @_99babyy shares her love for fashion and beauty. She often posts outfit ideas and makeup tutorials, and her style is feminine and colorful. Living in the UK, she frequently shares her travels around Europe.


Mari Adhami is a mental health and wellness influencer from Iran who now lives in the UK. With over 10,000 followers on Instagram, she shares her struggles with anxiety and depression, as well as her journey to mental well-being. She often shares tips and resources for her followers to improve their own mental health.


Tanya Van is an influencer from Russia who now lives in the US. With over 20,000 followers on Instagram, she shares her love for fashion, beauty, and travel. Her style is elegant and timeless, and she often shares her favorite designer brands with her followers.


@mihye02 on Instagram is a Korean beauty influencer who shares her skincare routine, makeup tutorials, and beauty tips. She has gained a following of over 50,000, who appreciate her thorough product reviews and Korean beauty insight.


Marierita Chalhoub is a beauty influencer from Lebanon with over 60,000 followers on Instagram. She is known for her makeup tutorials, product reviews, and skincare tips. Her style is both bold and glamorous, and she often shares her favorite high-end products with her followers.

These 10 up-and-coming social media influencers offer a wide range of content, from beauty and fashion to mental health and tech news. Each influencer has their own unique style and perspective, making them valuable members of the social media community. As social media continues to grow and evolve, these influencers will likely continue to impact brands and companies in significant ways.