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"Insider Tips from Top Instagram Models for Social Media Success"

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Instagram is a network that seems to be continually expanding, with its user base growing rapidly each day. The platform has become the social media golden ticket for models, with so many models, editorial spreads, and campaigns seemingly arriving from Instagram. We’ve researched and gathered "Insider IG Model Tips for Social Media Success."


Model Tally Marie Berry’s Instagram account, tallyberryy, has over 200K followers. She has built her profile by sharing her quality pictures and interacting with her followers. Tally advises regular updates of quality images and recommends using a bright, white background to help your fashion pictures pop on Instagram. Interaction with her followers is also crucial, by running giveaways for her audience, responding to comments, and interacting with her followers through IG live video, she can increase her engagement rate.


Chinese model Lin Jing, aka linjing5201118, has the highest engagement rate of all the models we researched. Storytelling with photos and video is vital for Lin Jing. She achieved her engagement rate by sharing bright, colorful pictures mostly shot outside with a clean and consistent feed layout. Lin also runs regular stories sharing her daily life and using Instagram’s story highlight feature, which allows her followers to quickly see previous posts and stories, keeping them up to date on her life.


A nail technician and influencer, Nailah Rossi aka imnailah_, speaking directly to her followers and not taking herself too seriously, helps her gain more followers. Nailah shares her daily glam routine, reviews beauty products, provides makeup tips, and shares pictures of her beautiful nails. She emphasizes that quality content is key to success, and not focusing on the number of followers. Nailah believes in her niche and encourages her engaged followers to share and tag her with their nail art creation using her techniques.


Sophia Vayy’s followers know her best for her beauty and fashion videos, where she emphasizes the importance of quality content. She emphasizes that being relatable and keeping it real is essential to connect with your followers. Sophiavayy’s content focuses mainly on lifestyle, beauty, and fashion trends. She has built her success on constantly producing engaging videos that are in line with her audience’s interests.

moon.fit_ aka 묾핏

Model Moonfit’s Instagram account is proof that creating a consistent aesthetic is essential when building your following. By incorporating natural and pastel colors with nature-inspired imagery, her followers feel connected to nature through her Instagram profile. Moonfit’s unique visual style of posting videos and photos of her living amidst nature and living a healthy lifestyle has earned her great success.


Ria aka 92green92’s unique style of content creation has propelled her to the top of the social media world. Ria includes a mix of humor, photos, and videos in her feed by creating engaging content that keeps her followers interested. She believes in balancing your personality and your feed style to ensure a unique and relatable feel for your followers.


Known for her model work, Mikanaka95 has a clean aesthetic with a bright and high contrast look in her photos. Her unusual and quality content captures the essence of her personality, making her relatable to her followers. Mikana encourages potential influencers to invest in good equipment and spend adequate time on editing and crafting quality content.


Juli5ette’s vibrant feed catches her followers’ eyes, with her images focusing on makeup, fashion, and lifestyle photos. She recommends following others in your niche, interacting with others’ profiles, and creating consistency in your posts. Connect with similar influencers by sharing each other’s content, which can help grow your followers.


Epicinternetgf continually creates organic and meaningful relationships by interacting with her followers while maintaining her unique aesthetics. She emphasizes that the key to her success is associating with her followers and making her feed appear more like a conversation than “me” attitude. The focus should be on bringing a creative and personal touch to your content.

aishaaamarie aka Aisha Marie

Aisha Marie, one of the top Instagram models, has shared that mimicking a brand’s aesthetic is a successful strategy when developing an online brand. Make sure to study the brand and the audience and create content that resonates. Her content focuses on fashion, beauty, and everyday life. She values authenticity, consistency, and engagement, making her stand out amongst the crowd.


Miios_rii’s unique style of content creation has propelled her to the top of the social media world. Her content includes humor, photos, and videos, creating engaging content that entertains her followers. She stresses the value of storytelling and creative captions making her stand out among the pack.

The models highlighted in this article have utilized hard work, consistency, and dedication to craft their unique brand personas that have excited their followers. Now it’s up to you to use their tips and strategies to position yourself to grow on Instagram and make a significant impact.