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A Rainy, Late Night Walk in Ikebukuro

I’ve walked by the Toyota Amlux Auto Salon a million times on numerous trips, but always through the glass late at night. When I have time to go, I’m with my wife and she doesn’t want to go, and when I am finally alone to do what I what, everything is closed, except for bookstores. Actually, that’s why I was out, to go pick up a magazine to read at night before going to bed…..

Entrance into Sunshine City entertainment district late at night. Tokyu Hands had already closed. Too bad…..

Bikes everywhere, and getting wet…….

Even in the darkest, most isolated alleys, there’s always a pop machine to save the day, including hot drinks and soups. Corn chowder anyone?

Another pop machine working hard when everything else is closed…….

Bars and food establishments are everywhere and open late. Too bad I don’t drink, or do I like to eat late…….

They can’t just have one pop machine on a sinlge corner, but to make sure that traffic from both directions see their products, they put the exact same machine facing out on each corner for all to see…….