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Artistry in Store Signage

Since I work in signs, I can appreciate hand lettered signs. The old days when even billboard and storefront signs were all hand lettered, there definitely was a sense of artistry in the sign industry.

At Whole Foods, a store that sells itself as a specialty grocer, what I was sold on today was their hand lettered signs! Many cafĂ©s have these fancy hand lettered blackboard signs, but I don’t see many grocery stores take the time to draw out such cool looking hand drawn signs. They must change these signs out at least once a month, as the seasons change and they feature different items.

I asked an employe about them, and he told me they have a full time department that focuses just on in-store signage!! How cool is that? It’s good to see that in such a digital age that even simple things like hand lettering and drawing (isn’t this a skill we all learn in kindergarten?) is still an appreciated and employable craft!!

As I say this, I’ve taken these pics on my Hipstamatic iPhone camera app using the John S lens and Blanko film and uploaded to my blog directly from my phone, no edits!!