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Corn Soup in a Can?

I did finally try corn soup in a can from a vending machine……it definitely wasn’t the best corn soup I’ve had (nobody makes corn soup like a good Chinese restaurant though…….) but considering it came from a can, it was acceptable. I appreciated the twist-off cap as well, so that I can shake the soup to get more of the corn that’s settled to the bottom as I drink it down. I had a red bean pudding in a can and it didn’t have a twist-off cap, so I lost much of the red bean at the very bottom once all the soup was gone!! What a waste!! Would I drink it again? In a bind I might. Maybe it’s really cold, late, I’m walking back to the apartment, and I just need a little pick-me-up, and a can of hot tea won’t do, I’d say a can of warm corn soup may just hit the spot!!