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Giro Di Burnaby 2012: Ride On!!

Bike races are great to watch. Unlike motorized races, cycling events make very little noise as they whip past, like a stealth animal hunting down a prey. All you can hear is the clicks of their gears changing, and the wind swooshing past their aerodynamic bodies. Even their crouched sitting position and their determined expressions reminds me of a predatory animal. Look at the beast-like tongue sticking out on Scott Zwizanski (rider #13)!!

Photographically, all the different colours and logos and stream-line clothing and equipment makes for a great picture. I noticed many photographers with big zoom lenses, but they weren’t getting any successful shots.  I would recommend getting as close as possible and shoot with a prime (non-zooming) lens. I shot with my 35mm F1.4 and a cropped sensor Sony A700, and I just panned my images.  Many were asking me what I was doing panning so quickly, and how could I shoot with such a small lens, and why I wasn’t using  a flash. I just smiled and showed them my pictures. I had a few conversations with other amateur photographers that evening…….

I could only stay for about 20 minutes so I didn’t get too many pictures. Lots of fun though…. Ride On Burnaby!!