iPhone 4 Run Over by a Car!!

While driving around Saturday morning with Cocof0sho, we saw an iPhone just laying in the middle of the road, face down.  Running out onto highway traffic and retrieving it, we realized it had already been run over, multiple times perhaps. We plugged it in, wondering if it may still kinda work…..nope! Although the screen was completely destroyed (but surprisingly still sticking together like a car windshield), look at the back, it’s intact! I think the thin yet protective carbon fiber-esk decal kept it in one piece, even though it’s also made of glass….

What’s the lesson here? Don’t drive with your iPhone dangling out your window while driving? Maybe. Don’t just throw out your old iPhone out the window like a cigarette butt just because you’ve recently upgraded to an iPhone 4S (not really an upgrade) and you’re rich enough to just throw it out the window of your Ferrari? Also a maybe.

I think the real lesson here is that no matter what you throw out the window of a moving car, if it looks like an iPhone, you’re not really littering, because some fool will eventually pick it up!!  Hey, maybe we can plug it into a computer and download some personal pictures? Cocof0sho? Anything interesting?

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