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Irritating Backward Portrait

I found a picture of my wife from the summer that I hadn’t posted yet, as I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not. A few things irritated me after I took this shot and looked at it carefully, and it has nothing to do with my wife, of course! 

First, the line between the water and the trees cut right through my wife’s neck, as if it’s slicing across, which bugs me.  I should have made sure the line runs lower, by her mid-shoulder, which would have been closer to the proper rule of thirds of the horizon line anyway. Second, there’s a piece of whitish-gray tile next to my wife’s right knee that looks out of place among the natural looking rocks and wood pieces.  Why didn’t I see it and throw it away?

Finally, my wife should be placed another two feet over to the right, or I should have framed the shot two feet to the left, since she’s neither centered, nor on the right third of the image. Because of this, notice how one piece of log sticking out of the ground next to my wife’s right elbow is just a little too close to her?  Also notice the other piece of wood next to her left hip? If I re-framed the shot, her body would have covered the one entirely, and the other revealed it completely. That really bugs me!! Arghghgh!!. 

All these small things that bug me add up to a lot of things that bug me.  I know nobody would have noticed these things unless I mentioned it, but now that I did, how does the image make you feel?!?!?