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Jack White-esque Busker in Open G-flat

I couldn’t help but notice the explosive sounds echoing off the tightly packed buildings as I got off my bus. This noise was rhythmic in bluesy fashion, but with a raw rage that is definitely descriptive of Jack White’s guitar playing. With a block of wood and  his foot stomping as his percussion section, Brett was all business as he one-man-jammed along Granville Street in Vancouver. 

I loved his passion and intensity as we spoke for a minute about music: Jack White, Sun House, open guitar tuning, pick or no pick, things of this nature. He came from a small town, but he was all about the music…a thirst his hometown couldn’t quench. So he moved to Vancouver and decided to showcase his talent on the street. His music was getting a lot of attention, since many were out-and-about on this cool, spring afternoon. Rock on Brett. Rock on Jack White. Rock on Vancouver! 

P.S. for all those music nerds out there (which includes my classically trained wife), I know G flat is the same key as F#, but not the same note. But I’m explaining in guitar-player terms. Open G tuning is very popular (D-G-D-G-B-D). When you tell a guitarist that it’s in open G flat tuning, they understand it better that way (1/2 step down from open G tuning) versus telling them it’s in open F sharp tuning…