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James Bond Spy Camera: Minox IIIS

A good friend of mine gave me this super cool Minox IIIS because he knows how much I enjoy collecting classic photographic paraphernalia.  Even without taking pictures with it, you can sense the high quality German engineering as you open and close the compartments, and as you turn the dials. It is a precision instrument that is really hard to compare with today’s quick-build electronic/mechanical photographic tools.
It was featured as a high-tech toy in James Bond Films and by today’s standards, it’s still a pretty small and precise photographic instrument.  The metal fob/chain with metal ball markers is meant to give accurate distances to objects so as to focus correctly, as you have to manually focus by a focus distance dial.  To advance the film you have to slide the camera open and then close it , like a shotgun…and it slides nice and tight.  Even the 50+ year old leather case is in very good condition. 
A real piece of mechanical art. I sometimes carry it around in my man-bag just to have it with me and play with when I get the chance to.  Some day I’ll special order in some film and take a few pictures with it. Look for it.