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Japanese Love Waffles

A typical line-up at the Sugar-Fers counter at Seibu Department store food floor at Ikebukuro. The line-up continues to the far right, and out the other door and around the corner out into the train station…… this happens every single day!!

Typical waffle dessert at one of the many dessert cafes in Tokyo……….

I don’t what it is about waffles, but it’s pretty huge in Tokyo this time around. Every dessert cafe place sells some sort of waffle type dish. Even in the department store food floor (usually floor b1 or b2) there was a certain waffle dessert boutique Sugar-Fers that had line-ups all day, as you can see in the above picture…..I could barely get the above shot off because it was always a zoo surrounding the counter……

The second picture is of my favorite waffle dessert found at the UCC Cafe Mercado in Takashimaya at the Times Square building in South Shinjuku. Our favorite, not-too-busy and not-too-expensive coffee break place….. it’s in the middle of the 8th floor, so check it out…….

P.S. both pics taken with my i-Phone 4…… not bad eh?