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Leica Akademie Vancouver: Guest Speaker

Taken w/ Ricoh GR. 1/180th f/5.6 @ ISO 500. Edited in CS5 & Photoscape. @loiterbench (IG) in Chinatown, Vancouver.

Since starting my Youtube series, I’ve been getting emails from people asking if I run any workshops on street photography. As you may know, when Eric Kim was in town in Vancouver, he invited me to audit his 3 day street photography workshop and I had fun watching someone formulating how to teach this unusual photographic ‘art form’. Eric insisted that I should run my own workshops and I thought a good way to start was accepting the privilege of being the guest speaker and instructor for the upcoming Leica Akademie in Vancouver next week.

After the Leica event I will give more information on my own upcoming Vancouver street photography workshops. For now, let’s say that my workshop will be on the street, and I will have no more than 5 people per workshop. I’ll have 2 workshops per month, each on specific themes:

-zone focusing and shooting blind
-how to approach strangers
-how to compose and capture randomness
-have a regular photo route
-iPhoneography and Instagram

The workshops will be held on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, 4 hours with a coffee break in the middle and the end to review our pictures or discuss what we’ve learned. If you have any more questions or input on how I can make my workshops more interesting, please don’t hesitate to comment below or email me directly. I already have a few students lined up so thank you so much for your interest and support.

For those of you who don’t live in Vancouver, I still have my YouTube series, and I’ll include more how to videos. I also have a local camera shop who I’m partnering with for indoor reviews during rainy and gloomy days. Wait for the announcement soon, but it’s going to be exciting. 

I have lots of reviews backed up so I apologize for anyone who is waiting for a specific camera or lens I promised to review. I was busy with my Instagram project with Fluevog Shoes called Streetvogs, featuring street photographers from around the world, starting with me in Vancouver. It’s moved on to Toronto featuring @Phraction so check him out. 

Thanks again for all your support and check out my other projects:

Happy shooting and have a great day!