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My Wife, the Queen, and Her Eyes

I’ve always admired my wife’s ability to paint with a brush; whereas me as a photographer, I can only paint with light.  I took drafting and commercial design, and I’m a CS5 designer, but to hand paint or draw, it’s still magic to me.  While a painter works at adding detail to a canvas, a photographer usually tries to remove or crop detail out from his or her digital canvas. 

After taking this picture, I cropped, blurred, removed colour, and added a heavy vignette along the parimeter, all in an effort to isolate and focus the viewer’s visual onto the Queen of Hearts’ eyes.  My wife is trying to do the same thing, but doing so by adding detail and focus onto those same eyes.  I like this picture because my wife’s body, head and hand all create this frame in which we see through to get to the eyes of the Queen.