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Proactiv Vending Machine?

In Japan, they sell more than just drinks in vending machines. Some odd machines are known for selling jeans and used underwear, but these are not the norm. However, specialized vending machines are common, as you will soon see with my upcoming posts. Unlike N.America, where machines across the continent basically sell the exact same thing and look pretty much exactly the same, in Japan, there are one-off machines selling just one type of thing.

This huge monster was dedicated to selling Proactiv skin care products….. I found it at the Tokyo Dome City shopping centre (I don’t think that’s the official name, but you can’t miss it…. it has a huge roller-coaster wrapped around the parameter of the complex!!). I know these machines are not only in Japan, but most places have them at airports and other busy transportation hubs where people are travelling and can buy the products 24hrs a day, no salesperson needed. This was at a theme park shopping centre where they could have just put up a Proactiv Kiosk with an actual salesperson… it was kind of out of place for me……

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