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Real Life Munster's Home as Your Neighbour?

I was riding through a heritage home area in Vancouver (Commercial Drive and Hastings) and was appreciating the 100 year old homes. The above home is very typical of this area: beautifully and tastefully restored.  I even like the original brick/stone street surface (although it’s not fun riding over).

Another example in the same neighbourhood, below. See the beautifully restored home on the left? Now look over to the ready-to-be-condemned-home on the right. It’s almost as if it’s made to look bad on purpose, like for a movie or something.  If this isn’t a joke, imagine this was your neighbour? Man oh man!! I wouldn’t even know what to say…….

Before taking this
picture, I had to wait for a group of high school kids to move, as they
too were looking at the Munster home, pointing, laughing, in shock, and
taking pictures……

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