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SR Auto Group

I love cars. Unfortunately, I also love photography, music, musical instruments, watches, fashion (especially shoes!!) and books, and bikes and on and on. Because I have so many other interests, I’ve never had all my “play money” in one pot and be able to afford a fancy car.

But I do love cars!! My attainable dream car would be a Honda S2K in Honda racing white and red leather seats. A difficult but still attainable dream car would be to import a Honda NSX-R (yes, in Japan the label Acura doesn’t really exist as it was made for the N.American market) in Honda racing white. My over-the-top dream car? Porsche 959 in white…… so nice!!

I’m way off topic here……A friend of mine’s friend owns SR Auto Group and as you can see from the link, they have nice cars….. just recently I took my brother (who was visiting from Japan for the holidays) to SR Auto and he got to sit inside a white Lamborghini LP640 Murcielago with a carbon fiber accessory kit. Sweet car. My wife got to sit inside a custom matte vinyl wrapped Aston Martin DBS. We just missed the Ferrari 458 and the Lamborghini Reventon!!

This picture was actually taken through glass one night when they were closed. They had one of their mags on display at a weird angle to an Aston Martin DB-S so I thought it’d make a good picture out of it…. and in black and white of course!!